Star Wars Battlefront Review

It’s been over a week that the newest version of Battlefront has been available and I have been playing it as I can during that time. With the release yesterday of the Star Wars The Force Awakens tie in maps, the Battle of Jakku, I thought it was time that I stopped playing long enough to tell you what I think of it so far.

So here is my Star Wars Battlefront Review… WOW!

Ummm…. I guess you want a bit more than that huh? Ok, Let me break it down then.

The Game

When you first start the game you are taken into a tutorial which is set on Hoth. A Probe droid has landed nearby and you go after it. It’s a bunch of quick lessons on how to move, target and shoot. The first thing I noticed was the clarity and brilliance of the scene. After completing the tutorial, I moved into the solo play area so I could get a feel for the game before I plunged into the multi-player area. I’m actually not that great at these sort of games so I need the practice. (I don’t like many 3rd person shooters and it seems I play the Star Wars branded ones more than any others) .

The Training Missions

So of course, I choose the training missions to try first – with Beggar’s Canyon as my starting point.

I chose the right sort of mission for me to start with as I love this sort of game mode better than the being the soldier. I really like the flight sim type of game where all you have to
do is fly and fight so I’m right in my element here. When it loaded up I was blown away by the graphics quality once again! The controls were intuitive and smooth and the game play itself is fantastic! After several attempts at this ‘map’, I managed to achieve the three star rating and trophy and moved onto the next one – Endor Chase. This one is tougher.

Riding the speeder bikes is hard at high speed and I hit the trees a number of times but eventually I managed to get the three stars and trophy. Overpower is the next training ‘map’ and has you driving an AT-ST, this one was a bit easier and the last one was The Dark Side where you get to be a ‘hero’ character – wither Darth Vader or the Emperor. I chose Darth Vader. Both of these maps were difficult in places but overall relatively easy.


I had a quick attempt at the multi-player section next. I managed to get a few kills in Blast where you keep changing from location to location after your team or the opposition hits 100 kills or the time runs out. The maps used here are the same as the in the solo section Battles. I got to level 3 after about 5 ‘maps’ but with not as many kills as I would have liked but I enjoyed the experience all the same.


I went back to the solo area and tried the Battles section to get to know the maps and try to achieve the ‘stars’ which rewards you with credits that you can use in the multi-player section to purchase better weapons etc. I found that playing as the Empire is a little easier as they have armour and can take more hits before ‘death’ and re-spawning occurs.


Multi-Player – Party Mode (with a real friend)

Over the weekend, I contacted a friend, David, and asked him if he’d like to join me in a game. We have played the previous incarnations of Battlefront together on our laptops via network links. This has been difficult at times and some days it took an hour to make sure we had a link and the same version to be able to play. I must say that the PS4 system is very easy. I invited him to ‘Party’ with me, he accepted and we were off. 5 to 10 minutes at the most it took to get connected and under way. So much easier. We dived into the multi-player area and chose Walker Challenge. Again, you play in teams and once a team achieves the target – in these maps it is different depending on which faction you are – Rebels need to defend and take out the walkers while the Empire need to destroy the rebels escape ship. We played this for a few hours and changed to the Droid Capture ‘maps’ for a try at that too. In that one, it is what it says it is. You need to capture and hold three droids under your influence before the time runs out or the other team captures them. This was fun too and set in another set of maps.

The Battle of Jakku

Last night, I went in to play the Battle of Jakku maps and new multi-player section only to find that I couldn’t. Even though yesterday was the release date for it, it wasn’t available to me. The servers needed to be updated to be ready for the new content, then I got a notification that an update was being downloaded to the game, which I assumed was to add the new content. After I had installed it, it still needed to download the actual Battle of Jakku game data! Which still wasn’t available to me at midnight! This was a little disappointing, especially as I wanted to add info about that to this review. I spent the night playing the solo stuff (as the serves were not available until their update was finished and my update was installed). I managed to complete all the Battle maps and find all the collectables. Then I started on the survival ‘maps’ and they are a lot tougher and take a lot longer to complete. I got through two maps, Tatooine and Sollust and found all the collectables in them too. Tatooine took me two attempts, and both ‘maps’ took at least half an hour to complete. I really enjoyed the survival maps because of three reasons. The first is that this gave a sense of storyline to the ‘map’. You are stranded and must survive until help arrives and you have Admiral Ackbar in your ear advising on what your facing. Secondly is one of the troops you face, the Shadow Trooper. This character reminded me greatly of the Dark Trooper from the first version of this type of Star Wars game – Dark Forces. Hearing the Admiral say that this trooper was coming game me a thrill of excitement and fear! The third aspect was simply that it was a longer ‘map’ and therefore more immersive experience.

Before starting to write this I checked on the new content. It is available and downloading now. Hopefully I can play it later today and let you all know about it later.


Star Wars Battlefront is a well crafted game and I am enjoying playing it a lot… however, I like story driven games more and would have preferred to have some sort of story to follow and not just maps that you play alone or in multi-player.


Graphics are exceptional, with filmed cut scenes to try to add to the experience is a nice touch.

Game play is pretty good, the controls are not too tough for beginners and not too simple for experienced players.


No storyline.

If you wait too long before going into the multi-player mode then the experienced players will have all the great guns and stronger characters and you will die quickly over and over. But this is not a fault of this game, it happens in all online multi-player games.

The DLC was not available on time as promised – not for me anyway. I’m sure it’s a different story for USA players but here in AUS the promised 1st Dec play was not delivered. There are four add-ons mentioned in the Season Pass area which I am looking forward too, I just pray that they are delivered on time.


I love this game so much already that I can forgive the DLC being a day late and as I mentioned the multi-player thing happens in every multi-player game I’ve tried, but the lack of a storyline (I never saw the press release that there wasn’t going to be one but apparently there was) does disappoint me. I give it 4 out of 5.


What do you think of it? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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  1. Nelson

    Hi, I read your reviews on the video games you play. What I can say is that for a person like myself who does not know much or play video games, the reviews do not really appeal so that I could be curious to want to play or try the games. Maybe if you could show a video of the games if possible, that will help me appreciate and possibly buy the games for my kids.

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Not a bad idea Nelson. Thanks.

  2. Anthony

    Hey Peter,

    I really dig the review here on Star Wars Battlefront. I haven’t played it yet but did want to see what is what like and if I should buy it. Man I gotta say the graphics do seem stunning so i’d probably have a blast. Not to mention I am going to see The Force Awakens on Friday so playing this all week may get me even more pumped! Once again great read here it cleared up everything real well!


    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Thanks. I’m seeing it Friday night and yes, this helps me get even more pumped too. I would definitely recommend the game.

  3. Alex

    I liked older Battlefront games, but was rather afraid of the reviews independent reviewers about it. I heard that graphics are out of this world, and I see you wrote that too. But I do love a good campaign in a game and it’s bad that these big companies pay so much for one game and don’t give you a good single player storyline.

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Hi Alex,

      I totally agree. They are starting to announce the content of the DLCs and there looks to be some nice new maps but still no campaign/storyline that I’m aware of. Still, if you liked the older games you will still enjoy this as the controls and graphics are an improvement.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Have a great day!


  4. Dejan

    Hello there!
    I was actually watching quite a few streamers play this game on twitch. I guess it does come as interesting to me, a shooter plus a star wars theme. Who can resist that. After that I just forgot about it and you reminded me of it. I might give it a shot myself. Thanks for the article.

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Thanks Dejan,

      I really enjoy this game. I’m still playing it more than anything else at the moment but that doesn’t mean I’m really good at it, lol. I do recommend it even thought it doesn’t have the story mode. It’s the one thing that is missing. And thanks for leaving me two comments! Do you like the Batman Arkham games too? If so, keep am eye out on here for a review of them too (when I eventually get around to doing that)!

      All the best



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