PS4 – Upcoming Releases and Game of the Year Voting

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Here we are, only days away from Christmas and then it’s the new year! Which means that it is time for the Game of the Year awards from Sony (click here if you want to vote). They have several categories and lots of games listed. Head over if you want to have a look and vote. I don’t want to influence anyone, but Batman Arkham Knight and Star Wars Battlefields are high on my lists. I’m sure that if I’d had time to play a few others they might have gotten up there too. Something I intend to remedy for this time next year, play more games so I can do more reviews! 😀

Upcoming Releases

Right now, I can honestly say the only thing I am waiting for and excited about is the Boba Fett character for Disney Infinity 3.0 – due 6/1/16 at the stores I’ve checked out here in Australia. A few others I am looking forward to that are due in Jan… Assassins Creed Chronicles: India – Jan 12th and Lego Marvel Avengers – Jan 29th. There will be several add-ons for Star Wars Battlefront and Batman Arkham Knight might have a few more too. Plus a few more upcoming character releases for Disney Infinity 3.0 and even a new playset (which they just keep calling a Marvel playset) which might be based off of the next movie in their cinematic universe, Captain America – Civil War. Just have to wait and see on that one.

There are, of course, a lot more upcoming games than I’ve listed here. If there’s something you’re realing looking forward too, why not comment below and tell me about it.

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