Nova Empire Guide – Part 1

As promised, here is the first part of a guide to the game Nova Empire. I have been playing this for over a year so I know a lot about the game but I admit, not everything. Every now and then, I learn something new and I try to share it with my teammates. But I still come across players that don’t know some of the best ways to progress so here is my daily play guide and I hope it helps.


I started playing in March 2018 and at first progressed a bit slowly but as I learnt the game, that changed. I played for around 4 hours a day at first, sometimes more. I spent a little bit of money early on, mainly to gain speed boosts to apply to buildings and research. In the long run, this may have been a waste but it did help me to grow at the time. Early on I decided to get the monthly pack (the Month Card) which gives extra GEC (the in game dollars) and a few other perks like 50 bonus leadership points for Admirals and the mass build option. I also had Prime for a few months too. Prime gives a bit more GEC, 20% off GEC purchases, another 50 extra leadership to your Admirals and increases the free speedup to the end of building construction to 15 minutes. After a few months I decided that while this was nice, it wasn’t necessary.

Information about the Player

The main thing that allowed me to progress quickly was the choices I made when building and researching. I wasn’t strategic; I didn’t always pick the best thing to help me be stronger. What I did was pick the quickest thing that would be done while I was playing. Before I logged off, I would speed up the construction or research and try to pick something that would last until I next logged on. This would be something that would take around 6 to 8 hours. I was trying to maximise the use of the construction and researching facilities.

This worked well and within a short period of time, I was very well developed. I used this process again when I started a second account in the game and within only a day or two, I was already on level four and working on level five.

The Daily Tasks

Another thing that really helped my progression was doing the daily tasks every day. Now, I will admit that it took me two months to realise that I was missing out on resources while doing this. Across the top of the screen is a series of crates that get unlocked as you complete the tasks. Each task has points allocated to it and the daily crate rewards are a total of 150 points. I didn’t know that you had to click on the crate to actually get the reward at first but once I learned this my resources grew quicker. There are also two crates across the bottom of the screen for a weekly total (500 points) and you have to click them as well. (“Click” on an Android device means touch). The week resets every Monday and I usually have it finished on a Thursday. If you are playing every day it should only take four days to complete this. (I think they should add a bit more to this for those that do complete these daily, four days is 600 points so this is easy to achieve. There should be another crate at 1000 points at least for those that do play daily.)

Daily Tasks

There are thirteen tasks in here to do, but two of them cost money and not everyone can do these. They are the Month Card and Lifetime Card. I’ve mentioned the Month Card earlier. The Lifetime Card is similar but it is a once only payment that will continue to give you rewards. They give you 15 points each towards your daily points but everything else gives you 5 points. The rest of the tasks have three levels (still only 5 points each) and these are quite easy to do. Eight of these are the same every day; Legion Mission, Mining, Battle, Inspect Recruits, Shipbuilding, Alliance Donation, Collect Free Supplies and Use GEC. One is basically the same every day but not exactly, Use Items requires you to buy resources and the resource it chooses changes randomly daily between Minerals, Crystals, Alloy and Energy. The other two are random and off the top of my head I can think of 6 different tasks that they can be; Alliance Help, Use Resources, Repair Ships, Collect Debris, Scan Planets and Probe Systems.

You don’t have to compete all of these to get the Daily Tasks completed every day but most of them. Out of the first eight, you can easily achieve 100 points in an hour, if not quicker.

Legion Misson

There are a number of legions you can choose from and even if you play by yourself, there is always a solo legion that can be done. There are scans of planets, pirate attacks with standard, elite and exile to choose from, attack players and collect resources. I have always tried to do the purple or S class legions, but sometimes, when playing alone, this isn’t always possible. The reason for choosing this type of legion, is that you get more credits for the workshop as a reward and more credits for the alliance too. I definitely recommend it. The most common legion I do is the Standard Pirate attack with up to 4 teammates. I’ll go into specifics on the legions in the next article.



If you kill a pirate, you get debris left behind. Collecting the mineral portion of the debris is counted as mining. If you do a Standard Pirate Legion, you will kill enough pirates to get enough mineral debris to compete this easily. If you do other legions, like scanning, just go and kill 4 or 5 pirates and collect the mineral debris. It should be enough but if not, kill another pirate and collect the debris.


To complete this one, you need to kill 15 pirates. By doing the Standard Pirate Legion 3 times to complete the legion task, you should reach this easily and have more than enough debris to complete the mining task too.

Inspect Recruits

Easily completed but may cost you GEC to get all 5 inspections done. Go to More and Naval Academy to see the recruits. You get the first one free each day and that is level 1 if this task completed. Click instant refresh on the bottom to see the next group. If you complete the daily tasks each day, the last crate has two Recruitment Directives in it. This gives you two more free inspections which will complete level 2 of the task. Without the free inspections, it costs 100 GEC for each inspection. You can get more Recruitment Directives through completing the weekly part of the daily tasks (the last crate has 3 in it), Promo Codes off the game’s Facebook page occasionally, through the workshop if it is high enough in level and through other events as rewards. If managed correctly, you go quite a while without having to spend any GEC on this task. But if you do, it does count towards the Use GEC task (see below). Also, as part of the reward for this, you do get some GEC back.

Recruitment Page


Possible the easiest to complete. Go to your shipyards and build 10 Gunships. Keep them on your dock for defence if you don’t want to use them in your fleets. I use them against elites sometimes, just to get rid of them. Currently I have over 250 sitting on my dock.

Alliance Donation

Another easy one, go to Alliance (the top left menu item of the screen), press donate and type in the amount you wish to donate. In the standard galaxy, it used minerals for the donations but in the elite galaxy it is crystals. I added three zeros to the donation amount in the standard galaxy and still do it in the elite galaxy. That was 100000 minerals and now 10000 crystals per donation. Do this 5 times to complete the task. I have found this amount the easiest to manage and still be able to run my station, build ships etc. When I have a lot of crystals, I do donate extra to help the alliance along. The donations also give you back workshop credits, not equal to the amount you donate but at least it is something.

Collect Free Supplies

Collect Free Supplies can take over an hour to get all three levels completed. You need to do 5 of them for this. I often only get three done as the cool down period can be 40 minutes or more. But if I log on more than once in a day, then I can easily get this completed. It just takes time.


Use GEC requires you to spend GEC. It doesn’t matter on what, it could Inspecting the Recruits or a Boost to speed up shipbuilding. The first two levels are fairly easy but the third level is 1000 GEC. You don’t earn that much in a day so you can’t complete that daily unless you use real money to buy some. Once again, you do get some GEC back as a reward for completing each level. I save the GEC when I can and use it for 7 day boosts for Station Construction, Research or Shipbuilding. At the higher levels, a lot of things take a long time to do so I save some for purchasing 10 day boosts when I need to.

Note: You earn 373 GEC from the daily tasks without the monthly or lifetime cards. If you have monthly, you get and extra 150 GEC daily and the lifetime gives you 200 GEC daily. If you get the weekly completed, there is another 200 GEC in the crate. I have the monthly, so I get 3861 GEC per week at least. You can also earn GEC through events, killing pirates and with Crates but this is a random reward so don’t count on it. I usually get enough to have two of the 7 day boosts active each week.

Use Items

Use Items often costs you GEC to purchase the resource it requires. If you purchase the cheapest pack of the resource 5 times to complete this one, you will spend 25 GEC which will get you the first level of Use GEC too. If you purchase the second cheapest pack (100 GEC) once out of the 5 purchases, you get Use GEC level 2 completed. I often buy 4 of the cheapest and one of the second.

The Dock – Access to Fleets

The Random Tasks

Of the random tasks, most are easily completed but Probe Systems can take you at least 5 hours to complete. Each probe costs 1000 energy but has a cool down of 1 hour. Level 1 is 1 probe, 2 is 3 probes and 3 is 5 probes.

The Use Resources actually gets harder as you progress, especially if you get the consume energy task. Like the Use Items, this can switch between resources. Minerals and Crystals are easy to use as you just build ships. If you need to keep the resources for other things you can cancel the ship build and get the resource back, you still get the task completed. But with Energy, you can only spend that on research and construction. Even then, the construction cost is fairly small until you reach the higher levels and still not usually enough to complete this task. Research is the only thing that I have found that will easily complete this one and in the higher levels of researching, some items take days to complete so if you are already researching something that has, for example, 5 days left you are probably not going to complete that task on that day.

Repair Ships and Collect Debris can be automatically completed when doing legions. Just be aware if you have the Repair Ships that you will need to do it 5 times to complete the 3rd level of the task. To do this, I usually repair after each legion and use more than one fleet to attack with during them or I finish the last legion by having all five fleets attack smaller pirates and then repair each fleet.

Alliance Help is another easy one but it does require other players to have requested help after a construction or research project is started. Again, if your teammates are at higher levels, these requests are not as frequent but you will usually get at least 5 to complete this task.

Scan Planets is also easy but it takes time. Some systems have multiple planets, I’ve seen up to 9 in one system but usually there is between 2 and 5. To get the 8 planets, you will need to send your fleets to other systems. You can either let them fly in, which can take as much as 10 minutes depending on your fleet composition, hyperspace research speed etc or you can jump your whole station in and then send the fleets which is much quicker. I usually find a smaller system to do the standard pirate legion in which has 2 or 3 planets in it with a neighbouring system that has at least 5 planets.

My Suggested Daily Order

The first thing I do is the recruitment followed by the Alliance donations. If I get a gold Admiral, I will quickly use whatever Admiral Experience upgrades I can to help progress them a bit quicker. Then I check my fleets, add any new ships I’ve just built and repair if there is any fleets that need it. If I have a new Admiral, I will put him/her on my “Tank” fleet. Then I quickly check any mail that I may have received. Deleting most of it after I’ve seen what it is. Then I check on construction, research (including the new module facilities) and shipbuilding. If, for example, the construction is idle, I will go in and look through to find either what is next in line for overall levelling up or the quickest and start it. If it is a big one, like a level 6 shipyard, then I activate a 7 day boost first if it isn’t already active. Then I set my daily 10 gunships building and check to see if I need anything else added to the fleets. From here I will usually check the tasks to see what random ones I have. Sometimes I will go through and collect the rewards for the tasks I have already completed and sometimes I leave that until later.

Then I join with my friends and teammates for legions. As I kill the pirates, I send my workships out to collect the debris. After the legions are over, I recall my fleets and repair the “Tank” who is usually the only one I attack with. As mentioned above, if I do have the Repair task, then I might repair between each legion. At this point, I double check the Battle task, to see if I have completed it. If not, I send my fleets back out to fight the last battles until it is complete. Then I send my fleets out on scans of planets. Meanwhile, the workships are continually collecting the debris until it is all gone. Then I send them out to resource nodes to collect whatever is nearby, usually just minerals. By this time, most, if not all, of the tasks are complete and I collect whatever rewards I haven’t already. If any tasks are still left, like another random I just remembered, Workshop Collection, I will complete them if necessary. If it is something like the Probe Systems, then I probably need to do the Use Items to complete the daily crates across the top. I don’t do the Use Items everyday, only if I need to. I’d rather save my GEC for 7 day boosts. The Workshop Collection task is simply purchasing from the workshop. Most alliances have restrictions on purchases so make sure you stick to them.

Is everything done?

The last thing I do is check that everything is done, all the tasks, scans, resource collectors collecting, construction, research and lastly the shipbuilding. Early on I tried to make sure that the last three were always working. I would speed up any that were within a few hours of finishing (construction and research) and start one that would last 6 to 8 hours, or however long it would be until I logged in again. If that wasn’t going to be until the next day then I would pick a 20 to 24 hour item. When I needed to build lots of frigates in the early days for my tank fleet, I would check how long it would be and log back in close to when the last one would be completed and add the next lot to build. These days, most of the ships are the bigger ones so it takes days and not hours.

That is how a normal day plays out and this is now longer than I expected. Next time I will discuss events and other general tips in regards to game play, building ships, fleets etc. Hopefully, I’ve taught you something you didn’t know or this information will help you develop quicker. If you liked this, please click the like button. If you do something different which you think is better or you think I’ve missed something, tell me in the comments below.

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