Nova Empire Elite Galaxy

About a week after I posted the last review, my galaxy got merged with others into a Nova Empire Elite Galaxy. While I initially didn’t want to do this, I quickly found out that I really didn’t have a choice and with my group of friends, we moved. Now, I am glad I did!

The Elite Galaxy

First off, there is nothing there but pirates and lots of systems to choose from. We quickly joined with others from our server and formed an alliance. As my friends and I are not as highly developed as a lot of others who merged too, I asked our leader if I could look after a second alliance which would be for the lower developed players, farm accounts and anyone needing recovery from war. He agreed and thought it was a good idea. So we found a suitable area next to the main alliance and built a head quarters (hq). Then I began to explore the differences of the Elite Galaxy.

The Differences

The first thing we noticed was that all the pirates were a lot stronger and the elite pirates were over 1 million in strength. After a few weeks of playing, this changed and the pirates started to become weaker, including the Elites. Just like the normal galaxies, the pirates are a variety of strength and they adjust to who is in the system and how strong they all are. Now, after three months, they are still stronger as a minimum when compared to the standard galaxy but vary from 22k up to 300+k in strength. The elites also vary from 400k up to 1.2m in strength.

The next difference we found is the planets and resources. Some systems are quite large with the most planets I’ve seen in a system being 9 and the least is 0, in a black hole system. The resource nodes are not only minerals but can also be crystals and alloy, and moons can also being any of the three resource types too. So the resources are a bit more plentiful. But, we soon found out that the alliance resources used is crystals and not minerals. This does make it a bit more challenging for building alliance structures as you need to manage these resources carefully.

As you are in a new galaxy and have to start building your alliance from scratch, it also means a lot of those bonuses you’ve had for months are not there. Like alliance build bonuses, collection bonuses, resource creation and so on. So at first, you notice things are a bit slow in your station upgrades and resource gathering but as the alliances grow and outposts are added to your territory, and more people join your alliance, things start to return to what they were previously and then improve upon them.

Legions were the next thing we noticed that were different. I never noticed in the normal galaxy if the standard pirate legions difficulties increased as the alliance did but we soon realised that is the case in the Elite Galaxy. At first the standard pirate legions were low in the quantity of power you needed to eliminate and only one pirate each got you there. My alliance is now level 15 and the standard pirate legion for 3-5 players has a target of over 2m strength of pirates that need to be destroyed. The exile legion is the same as in the standard galaxy, but the pirates are a little stronger at 163k each instead of just over 100k. The other thing that I think is different is that there is a special planet scan legion that will also reward you with resources upon completion.


The weekend events are much the same but as we merged in December, there was a special Intergalactic War event going on with the already merged servers and we didn’t see any weekend events for 3 weeks, until this was completed. Then we had an Intergalactic Kraken (same as normal but against the other servers rather than just our galaxy, with better ships to build as the rewards), normal Kraken, a galaxy war, another Kraken, and it wasn’t until two months had passed that we got a Pirate Invasion. So while we do still get the normal Kraken and Pirate Invasions, we also get the Intergalactic Kraken and more Galaxy Wars.


Initially, as the first few weeks passed, each group coming from their old servers tend to stick together and fight for territory. Because of previous galaxy wars, quite a few players know each other and some alliances are made between each other and others know who to watch out for. Lucky for me, my alliance had a couple of really strong players who just went nuts attacking others and claiming territory. I say lucky for me because I never got attacked. But a lot of others did. Now, this is not how I play but I understand it is a war game and some people like attacking others. The down side of this is that when the galaxy war arrived, not everyone was strong enough for us to win and a lot of people had quit because they didn’t like getting wiped out. Needless to say, we lost that first galaxy war, and the second. But we won the last one!


While I once disliked the idea of having to basically start again, but with existing fleets and admirals etc, the Elite Galaxy has actually added value to the game. I can remember that we were unsure about what happened, if we lost our fleets, admirals, station construction etc and had to start all over again or if we kept our accounts as is but just had to start alliances and build territory again. It was the latter.

The game, while all the basics are still the same, has become a little more challenging and this is what keeps players interested. I’ve also met some more great people and enjoy playing the game with them. I do miss the chance to teach new people the basics, but now, as the alliance leader, I get to teach more people and help guide them along the way.

The only thing that I, and a lot of other people have noticed, is that during the galaxy wars and interstellar Kraken events, when the servers are going against each other, most peoples devices can not handle all the processing needed to calculate and display all the fleets that can be in the battles. This results in either lag, jumpy displays, or a complete freeze of the screen and game. If this happens when you are in a battle, you can bet that you are not going to survive. Because of the jumpiness or freeze, you can not even recall your fleets or retreat. This has caused a lot of pain for people, including myself. Quite a few people have quit over this too. But, I believe that those that are playing the game via an emulator on PC, do not face this issue as their PCs have better processors, more memory and separate graphics controllers.

Even with this in mind, I still recommend the game but warn you not to get into any really big battles. If you are playing and it comes time for your server to merge with others to become an Elite Galaxy, I hope this information is helpful to you and lets you know what to expect.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if this was helpful, or if you want to comment on your experience in the Nova Empire Elite Galaxy.

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