Disney Infinity 2.0 Review – The Guardians of the Galaxy Playset, The Spider-Man Playset and The Toybox

With the upcoming release of Star Wars the Force Awakens and Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens playset and characters later this week, I thought I better finish off the 2.0 reviews. My previous post about the Avengers Playset tells you a bit about Disney Infinity 2.0 itself so I will refer you to that here if you want more on what it is. Today, I’m going to tell you about the other playsets – Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man and the Toybox itself.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Playset

The initial package comes with two characters, Star Lord and Gamora and the playset piece. Additional characters are available, Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Ronan and Yondu.2015-11-02 11.49.41 As You can see in the image, I don’t have the last two so I can’t comment on them. Unlike the other playsets, this isn’t based on the cartoon because the playset came first. However, these characters have all appeared in the other Marvel cartoons, Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man so in a way it is based on those appearances. The story-line is similar in a way to the movie. You are on Knowhere, a space station, and defending it from an invading force lead by Ronan. This is probably more a mash up of the comic book stories along with the movie and the cartoons. The story has you moving around the space station, where Cosmo the Spacedog and The Collector send you and eventually going to Ronan’s ship, The Dark Aster, and facing him. The game play is the same as the Avengers playset and the controls are pretty easy to master. Again, there are feats, challenges and trophies to master and collectables to find, including Bonus Boxes and Crossover Tokens which allow you to use additional characters from the other playsets – Nova and Iron Man. Like the Avengers Playset there a couple of the feats require you to do them in the game as they can’t be done after you’ve finished the storyline. I did the majority of the game on my own but there are a couple of parts that require two players (challenges and feats) and either way, it’s a fun game to play.The Bonus Boxes are found by the same method I mentioned in the previous review – they represent certain powers and the characters with those powers are the only ones who can collect them.

The Spider-Man Playset

The package for the playset includes Spider-Man and Nova. The additional characters are Nick Fury, Iron Fist, Venom and the Green Goblin. The playset is based on the cartoon,2015-11-02 11.53.15 Ultimate Spider-Man and includes all the main characters with White Tiger and Power Man being in game and giving out the missions. It’s based in New York but is set out different to the Avengers Playset. The story line has Green Goblin as the main bad guy, who is using the symbiotes as the bad guys for you to fight. Doctor Octopus and Mysterio also help Green Goblin and you have to face them too. Eventually you get to confront the Green Goblin himself. The game is the same as the previously mentioned playsets and the controls are the same too. You even have the same things to master and collect – feats, challenges, trophies, bonus boxes and crossover coins – Hulk and Iron Man. There are two player challenges again and you can play the whole thing alone or with two players. It’s all the same as the other playsets so I don’t see much use in going into too much detail.

The Toybox

This is where things get different. While you still have feats and trophies to accomplish, there are no collectables as such like in the playsets. The difference here is that you can2015-11-02 11.54.13 use all the characters (including 1.0 characters) and build anything you want. Your imagination is the only limitation. Having said that, there are lots of things to ‘buy’ using the sparks that you collected in the playsets. I haven’t mentioned this previously because it didn’t affect the game play in the playsets but as you accomplished feats, missions or winning fights you are rewarded with blue sparks. There are also capsules with sparks too. The blue sparks act as money when you are in the Toybox or similar areas (the Interior and Introduction). There are lots of things to purchase which relate to the playsets (which you unlock by doing things in the playsets – usually the feats) or other Disney franchises like the Lion King or Cinderella and then you use them to build or decorate whatever you like. The main thing I did here was to build the things that helped accomplish the feats or to help level up the characters. I made an area that spawned the bad guys and killed them instantly giving you a whole bunch of sparks. There are gold sparks for levelling up the characters, including 1.0 ones, purple sparks for special abilities/powers and green sparks for healing life. These are found throughout the playsets as well. Power discs can be used here too and the hexagonal ones can only be used here. The round discs give powers (weapons), other suits, and back-up characters (AI controlled) while the hexagonal discs are vehicles, backgrounds (skies) and terrain. For example, Wreck It Ralph Hex discs can change the terrain to Candy Land and give a Candy Land sky. 2015-11-02 11.54.31

The Interior

This is an addition that wasn’t in 1.0. This area allows you to build and decorate rooms. There are many of the franchises represented here and you can mix them or do a room in a single design. I created a room for every franchise available and decorated them with the corresponding items. You have feats here too and these unlock more items as you progress. Some of the feats even require you to go to the Toybox to complete them.

Toybox Games

Another addition to 2.0 is the games. With the Superhero starter pack you get two game discs and with the Originals starter pack you get two more. There are two types of games, a2015-11-02 11.54.46 platform or dungeon crawler style and a tower defence style. The Superhero has Escape from the Kiln (platform) and Assault on Asgard (tower defence) and the Originals are Stitch’s Tropical Rescue (tower defence) and Brave Forest Siege (platform). The tower defence style gives you turrets and other weapons to defend your ‘base’ from waves of enemies. The platform style has you running from a start point to an end point fighting bad guys along the way. The Superhero ones can only be done with the Superhero characters and the Originals can only use the original characters. However, after completing the first wave, you unlock a Survival Mode where you can use any character to help progress through the 50 levels of increasing difficulty. They also introduced AI characters that can help you through the platform areas which you can give additional weapons or armour too. Once unlocked here, these assistants can also enter the Toybox. Another thing that you unlock here is the game pieces that you can use to build your own games. You can even ‘publish’ them and share the games you build over the internet for others to enjoy.


I played this on the PS4. I know it’s available on PC too and while I have tried it I haven’t spent much time on it as it didn’t run well on my laptop. I haven’t tried the X-Box versions (or the PS3) but I have been told they’re almost identical to the PS4.


This is a very involved game in total and you can spend lots and lots of time on it. Especially if you want to level up all the characters to level 20 (which is supposed to unlock something special). I enjoyed all the different areas of this game and have earned almost all of the Trophies and completed a lot of the feats. Pros and cons are much the same as mentioned in the Avengers review with one more con. I found that there is a limitation in the graphics memory when building and it’s possible that you need to remove some things before you can add more.


Guardians of the Galaxy – Loved it! 4 out of 5

Spider-Man – loved it too! 4 out of 5

Toybox (including Interior and Introduction) – lots of fun but more for the kids than me. My kids have spent lots and lots of time in here. 3 out of 5 due to the memory limitations.

Toybox Games – enjoyed them but haven’t gone back to finish them yet. I downloaded some that other people made and enjoyed these too. I really liked the challenge of the survival mode. 4 out of 5.

As a whole, this game has many elements that will keep you or the kids very busy – 4 out of 5.




  1. Michael Angelo

    Hi there,
    Those remind me of my childhood time. I really love to play games. I see your playset are quite nice. It seems to have a good quality.
    Do you ship it to other countries? If so, what about the shipping?
    I think this can help some collectors to complete their collections.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Angelo

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Hi Michael,

      Glad you like it. Yes, if you purchase through Amazon. They do have the ability to ship to other countries, just check with them first as some of their sellers don’t.

      All the best,


  2. Neil


    As a PS4 owner, I’m addicted to video games. 🙂 I’m also a massive fan of Guardians of The Galaxy and Spiderman. In fact, I love any Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes.

    The playset characters really do look amazing and I like the sound of the games too. 🙂

    I’m definitely gonna invest into the Guardians and Spiderman playsets for my PS4.


    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      That’s great Neil. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

      All the best


  3. Jaxson

    Awww yeah I love Disney Infinity. I mean my kids love Disney Infinity. I can´t wait for Disney Infinity 3.0 to come out. I am without a doubt going to check these out or at least the Guardians Of The Galaxy play set, they look awesome. Great product and great review.

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      That’s great to hear. 3.0 is available now but you better be quick because it’s not going to be around for much longer.

      All the best



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