Disney Infinity 2.0 Review – The Avengers Playset

It might sound strange, considering this is really a kids game, but I really enjoy playing Disney Infinity 2.0. I say enjoy because I haven’t finished it yet.1-avengers-figure-line-up1

There are so many different parts to this game, and more that you can add yourself or download from others. There are the ‘worlds’ or ‘Play Sets’ as they are officially known where you have a set storyline and missions to play through, the ‘Toy Box’ where you can build whatever you want with the pieces that you unlock and purchase with the Blue Sparks you collect, the ‘Interior’ where you have your own building to build and decorate, the ‘Introduction’ area where you can learn how to do everything, some game discs which add extra game play, two exploration areas which have wave after wave of enemies to defeat and a treasure hunt. Add to that the ability to make your own games in the Toy Box or download extra content from the Community including games that someone else has made and you have an almost never ending supply of things to do. And on top of that, there are ‘Feats’ to accomplish and being a PlayStation game, there are Trophies to collect too.

For today’s Disney Infinity 2.0 Review, I will start with The Avengers Play Set, as that is what you get when you purchase the starter pack of the game, along with three characters, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. I probably should mention here that this is the Super Hero starter pack. They also sold a Disney Originals starter pack which came with two characters, Merida and Stitch and no Play Set piece.

Hang on2015-10-29 12.18.07, What is Disney Infinity?

For those unfamiliar with this game (or it’s predecessor), the characters are statues on a circular based stand that when placed on a special game board appear in the game. The board allows for 2 characters only and the Play Set piece which determines where you are. There are additional characters you can purchase to add in to the game, for the Avengers Play Set, you can get Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Hulk and Loki. By collecting ‘crossover coins’ in the game, you can unlock two addition characters, Nova and Rocket Raccoon (which again are additional purchases).

The Avengers Playset

Based on the cartoon show, Avengers Assemble, and not the movies, we have a collection of heroes who together fight for good in part of New York City. The story is familiar, if you know the movies, comics or cartoons. Loki has unleashed Frost Giants in a bid to take over the world. There are several missions that you must progress through to finally face Loki and defeat him. Game play is pretty good. The game controls are pretty easy to master for the fight sequences and each character has it’s own set of powers that you can improve as they level up. To complete the storyline missions, you need to add the 2 additional characters2015-10-29 12.17.26, Nova and Rocket Raccoon. I thought this was a bit strange as Nick Fury is a character in the Spider-Man Play Set who would have been more suitable to being in the Avengers Play Set than Nova, even Spider-Man himself would have been a better choice. As I mentioned earlier, there is more to do here than just finish the story, there are feats to achieve and other things to collect. If possible, keep an eye on the feats because there are some that you need to do within the storyline that you can not do after you have completed it. A lot of the feats are about the story but not all are. For example, there is a feat that requires you to defeat a certain quantity of a particular frost giant as Captain America and these do not spawn in the city after the story is completed. As you progress through the story you also unlock challenges which might involve racing a motorbike through the streets, flying through rings, doing stunts on a snowmobile, fighting more enemies or destroying coloured orbs. Any of these challenges can be done whenever you want, during the story or after it. There is even a specific challenge for the Hulk and another for Iron Man. Most of them have time limits and depending on the time you take, you can earn bronze, silver or gold medals. I found most of these challenges to be fairly easy and some rather difficult but with repeated attempts you can master them and achieve gold. All of them offer a two play or single player option and to achieve the feats which require getting gold in all the challenges can then be impossible if you are playing it alone. I used Iron Man for most of the storyline as he can fly which makes moving around the city a lot easier and quicker but not all the time. As I mentioned, there are collectables in here too and these are based on the types of powers that the heroes have. There is flying, super jumping, wall crawling, tech and strength Bonus Boxes to find, 20 of each, as well as the 10 crossover coins to unlock the additional characters (that’s 10 per character). The Bonus Boxes can only be seen by the characters that have the corresponding power or powers. For example, I used Iron Man to find the flying and tech boxes and Hulk for super jump, wall crawl and strength. The boxes are not completely invisible when you have a different character, they are harder to see and can not be collected. I found a lot of them by myself but ended up referring to some maps on other websites to help find the ones I missed.

Avengers CharactersResults

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. I initially thought this would be more of a kids game but found myself fighting the kids to get a turn.


Graphics – based on the cartoon (as mentioned earlier) were quite good

Game Play – controls are quite easy to master

Storyline – definitely the Avengers


You can’t aim while you are flying

A little short, approx 5 hours I’ve been told

Characters – strange not to have Nick Fury or Spider-Man

Feats – unable to complete if you miss it in the storyline and I’ve been told that if you start the story again, it wipes all the feats out and I don’t really want to play the whole thing over again


I want to give this 4 out of 5 but considering I only want to do the story over again to get the feat that I missed I think I need to give it a 3.


  1. Mike Rickaby

    Awesome masthead! Very cool!
    Also a great review of Infinity! I just have a couple of comments. The first is to “take a breath” and divide your thoughts into shorter paragraphs. A giant block of verbiage can be intimidating for readers.
    The second comment would be to maybe ad some “in game” pictures or game footage. You can use Jing for that which is a free screen capture tool for stills and video.

    1. Peter Way

      Thanks Mike.

      Great advice, I’ll keep that in mind for my next review. I do plan on going back in and adding more pictures later.


  2. Dmitriy

    Hey Peter,

    I also often find myself being “hooked” on a game that *should* be meant for kids. There is just something irresistibly attractive in collecting all the achievements and other little things this kind of games has to offer. I even think it was meant for adults like us, as kids rarely find a lot of interest in collecting those – they are usually more interested in the gameplay itself, especially the younger kids.
    Anyways, great review, I now definitely feel like playing Disney Infinity 2.0 (or maybe 3.0 – I’m more of a Star Wars guy, lol). Thanks!

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Thanks Dmitriy. Why not do both! They are very similar but if you like superheroes then start with 2.0. 3.0 has some improvements but will be doing superhero stuff too.

  3. Steve T

    Hi Peter,

    I enjoyed the review, Some good information about the game, it is good how technology is moving along and as Dmitriy says some times I think these are aimed at adults. As a PC gamer I may well look at this as it would be a great way of getting the family to play together.

    I will be checking back for more of your reviews. Keep it going.

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Thanks Steve,
      Always good to hear from another gamer. I enjoy playing these games with my kids too. Thanks for your comments!
      All the best!

  4. Ben

    This is an awesome niche page and exactly what I want to find when looking for game reviews. The infinity avengers play set looks very detailed and realistic and of a high quality. The special avengers assemble 2.0 playlist looks like a lot of fun and something that would be enjoyed by many

    1. Peter Way (Post author)

      Thanks for the comments Ben. My kids and I had fun with this and the many other playsets.

      All the best



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