Disney Infinity 1.0 Review

Now, I know this is an older game but I have only just got the Lone Ranger Playset and finished it within the last week. With this done I thought it was time to do the Disney Infinity 1.0 Review. I still have a few characters to get a hold of to complete the whole set but I thought I’d go through the playsets, toybox etc and let you know what I think.

Disney Infinity 1.0

I’ve talked about the Disney Infinity 2.0 game previously (here and here) so I will only give the basics again here. In the starter pack you got the software, the base station, di basethree characters and one Playset piece containing three Playsets. The characters were Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Sully (Monsters Inc) and Mr Incredible (The Incredibles) and the three Playsets to match them. The characters are statues that you place on the base station along with the playset piece to play a playset. Each character will only work in their matching playset, not any of the others playsets. Or, don’t put the playset piece on and play in the Toybox. The Toybox is an open world where you create the surroundings and can use all the characters. Some of the additional characters only work in the Toybox, eg Anna and Elsa from Frozen. There are additional things called power discs that can be added to the base which add to the game experience.

Power discs

There are three types and two different shapes. The Customization discs are hexagonal and allow you to change the landscape/terrain or background/sky. There were 18 discs of this type for 1.0. The next type is called Toys and they are also hexagonal in shape. These ‘toys’ are mostly cars, helicopters, horses and weapons but there are a few specific ones likedi power discs Tantor (the elephant from Tarzan), the Flamingo Croquet Mallet from Alice in Wonderland, Hangin’ Ten Stitch with Surfboard (from Lilo and Stitch) and Carl Fredricksen’s Cane (from Up). All up, there are 19 of these discs. I should also mention that the hexagonal discs only work in the Toybox. The third type are called Abilities and these are round. These can be used in Playsets and the Toybox. They are things like Bolt’s Super Strength, Star Command Shield and Rapunzel’s Healing. There are 13 Ability discs. You can also place up to two discs on each base station place eg both terrain and sky from the same theme eg Wreck-It Raplh or mix and match eg the Jack Skellington sky with the Nemo reef for a different look. When  you combine the abilities, you can gain a bonus ‘power’ eg Pieces of Eight with Scrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime to get Overpowering Strength which grants bonus XP sparks when an enemy is defeated.


There are 29 characters available for Infinity 1.0. They are all in theDI characters Originals characterisation (Marvel characters were added with 2.0 and Star Wars in 3.0). The majority of these (20) go with specific playsets. The Toybox only characters are Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Rapunzel, Phineas, Agent P, Anna, Elsa and Jack Skellington. The rest are Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. Mr Incredible, Mrs Incredible, Violet, Dash and Syndrome from the Incredibles. Sulley, Mike and Randy from Monsters Inc. And Lightning McQueen, Francesco, Holley and Mater from Cars. There was also a Crystal series with partly clear (crystal) versions of 8 of the characters. The main advantage of these figures was that they earn in-game experience quicker and have bonus health.

Hall of Heroes

This is a special place within the Toybox that shows off your collection of Characters and Power Discs. There’s even a separate area for the Crystal Characters. As you level up your characters, they change colour in the Hall of Heroes, starting off as Bronze at level 1, Silver from level 5 and Gold once you pass level 10. If you manage to get all the characters and level them up to at least level 1 then there is a special ‘pack’ that is rewarded to you in here – a Lightsaber.Disney-Infinity-Crystal-Figures


The Toybox is the sandbox section of the game where you can use all the things you unlock, either in the Playsets or in the Toybox to build your own worlds. There are also specific Toyboxes for each character called Adventures and other pre-built Toyboxes that you can use. You can also download other people’s Toyboxes if they choose to share them. The main difference here to 2.0 and 3.0 is the Vault. As your characters level up you gain gold stars which are used as ‘spins’ in the vault. Some items have to be purchased through the vault spins before you can use them in the Toybox. The vault will display 16 items at a time and you can change which ones are there if you know you haveLIGHTSABERDI1_610 unlocked a certain item but can’t see it.

Levelling up and Vault Spin Tips

To level up your characters you need to collect blue sparks. As mentioned, each level grants a Gold Star. Within the Playsets you can earn Gold Stars through tasks as well and in the Hall of Heroes as your character moves from Bronze to Gold you get a Gold Star at each ‘colour’ change. Each character has 15 levels to gain, so with the Hall of Heroes, each character can give you 18 Gold Stars. This can take a while to achieve, even playing through the whole story in a Playset. I found an easier way, a quicker way, but it involves setting up something in a Toybox and then leaving it alone for at least an hour. You need to play for a bit and unlock the Fan and Stunt Buggy. Place at least two fans on the ground along with the buggy. Hope in and drive slowly up to the edge of the fans. If close enough, you can jump and the buggy will hover in the air or keep driving slowly forward and the same thing will happen. Go too fast and you will get lifted in the air but continue forward, going over the fans and landing on the other side. Once you are hovering, you use the right stick on the controller to do tricks. Press Up, then Left, then Down to do those tricks. Then with a rubber band, hold the right stick to the right so that the buggy continually flips. Leave it like this for an hour. When you come back, do the Up, Left and Down tricks once more. di_toybox_blog_1-02Then using the left stick try to move to the left or right. The buggy should start spinning slowly away from the hovering position. When it starts to move, let go of the stick so the buggy lands. If you ‘crash’ land, you won’t receive the experience from the stunts but if you land perfectly, you will receive so much experience that your character will level up to 15 or close to it. (This also works in 2.0 but the reward is still blue sparks which is used as money instead of experience). You can set up a second character with more fans, another buggy and controller to level up two characters at the same time. Once you have 16 Gold stars, go into the vault and keep ‘spinning’ until you have purchased all the items.


Each playset has it’s own story and you learn how to collect items, customise characters and buildings, fly and fight. The aim here is really to find all the red and green capsules, the character chests and the vault. All of this unlocks more stuff for the Toybox. There are also Challenges to take part in which help improve your skills but in most cases have nothing to do with the story. One difference here is ‘feats’, di playsetwhich are in 2.0 and 3.0. Instead of feats, they are called Gold Star challenges and reward you with Gold Stars to use in the Vault spins once completed.

Toys Story In Space – This is set on a planet and you have to carry out several missions to prepare for Zurg’s attack. The story is quite basic but still fun. You can use Buzz, Woody and Jessie.

The Lone Ranger – This is set in Colby city, just like in the movie and you have to protect it from the bad guy, Butch Cavendish and his gang. You also rebuild the train and have to deliver goods to different stations. I found this quite fun and completed it in under 5 hours. The characters are The Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Pirates of the Caribbean – This playset I found to be the longest one. Mainly because you have to travel by boat everywhere. Once you rescue Mr Gibbs and find it that is. It was still lots of fun but I found that one of the missions didn’t start or wasn’t finished properly so part of the boat was never made available to me. A Google search revealed that I wasn’t the only person that this happened too.

The Incredibles – This was lots of fun, running/driving/flying around the city doing superhero stuff. I think this one was about 5 hours long too.di play lone

Monsters University – The sequel movie to Monsters Inc. The story is basically along the lines of the movie. You learn how to scare and creep around and then your off to the rival campus to cause mischief. It was fun but I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of the others. The bike tricks were difficult to master for me but I eventually got the hang of it.

Cars – This one is a bit different. I don’t think it really is a storyline so much as just going from one race to the next. Each progression brings on more competitors who are supposed to be harder to beat. There are a few other events along the way, such as the tornado that rips through town leaving a mess for you to help clean up afterwards and the stunt park which was lots of fun learning the stunts. Again, some of these take a lot of practice. My daughter got the hang of the trickier ones before I did. This one is a bit more about doing the challenges to progress through to the final race. Still lots of fun though.

PC Version

I haven’t really played much of this but from what I understand the 1.0 version on the PC was mostly about the Toybox. Let me know if you’ve played it and what it’s like.


I watched my kids play this for years and while they enjoy the Toybox and the never ending ability to build and create, I like the Playsets more. It wasn’t until 2.0 and the Marvel Superheroes that I got interested and this has lead me to try to complete the set of characters for 1.0 and get the one Playset we missed – The Lone Ranger. Like 2.0, I’ve enjoyed this more than I thought I would.


Good graphics

Easy controls for fights

The stories are well laid out and make sense


Some items like bikes and cars are not so easy to master

It feels like there should be more Playsets for the other characters. I’ve never understood why they didn’t do a Frozen playset.di elsa

The Pirates playset appears to have a bug which lets you miss one of the missions.

Not sure if 5 hours (average) per playset is enough.


Even though there are more cons, I still think this deserves a 4 out of 5. I enjoyed it and my kids still go back and play it!



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