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Disney Infinity is Cancelled!

I know I’m a bit late in reporting this but I haven’t had much time lately to do this earlier. It is official! Disney announced last week that they are closing down theirboba fett infinity internal software development companies and licencing out their properties instead. There’s a fair bit of info out there already so if you haven’t heard about this and need to check it out yourself, then Google it. There is a petition going at if you want to add your name to try to convince Disney to keep going. I have but I don’t hold out much hope.

There is two more releases of DI3.0 stuff to come, one based off the upcoming Alice in Wonderland 2 movie (figures only) and the other is for Finding Nemo 2 (figures and playset). It’s disappointing that there will be no more after that. What with more Marvel and Star Wars movies coming and I remember something about voting for an Originals based character to be made (that will not be coming after all), I was looking forward to seeing what they were going to do. Goodbye Peter Pan, Doctor Strange and Rogue Squadron. Guess I might have to check out the opposition and start collecting and playing Lego Dimensions instead. Lego Batman instead of Boba Fett?

If you are wondering what is keeping me busy then head over to my other blog and have a read.

I haven’t given up on this little piece of heaven so stay tuned for more reviews soon. I have managed to get the Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars playsets and a few other games on my Android Tablet finished… and I have plenty of others that I wish to tell you about…. when I get the time.

Until then, stay safe and keep gaming!

Peter Way

Disney Infinity 1.0 Review

Now, I know this is an older game but I have only just got the Lone Ranger Playset and finished it within the last week. With this done I thought it was time to do the Disney Infinity 1.0 Review. I still have a few characters to get a hold of to complete the whole set but I thought I’d go through the playsets, toybox etc and let you know what I think.

Disney Infinity 1.0

I’ve talked about the Disney Infinity 2.0 game previously (here and here) so I will only give the basics again here. In the starter pack you got the software, the base station, di basethree characters and one Playset piece containing three Playsets. The characters were Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Sully (Monsters Inc) and Mr Incredible (The Incredibles) and the three Playsets to match them. The characters are statues that you place on the base station along with the playset piece to play a playset. Each character will only work in their matching playset, not any of the others playsets. Or, don’t put the playset piece on and play in the Toybox. The Toybox is an open world where you create the surroundings and can use all the characters. Some of the additional characters only work in the Toybox, eg Anna and Elsa from Frozen. There are additional things called power discs that can be added to the base which add to the game experience.

Power discs

There are three types and two different shapes. The Customization discs are hexagonal and allow you to change the landscape/terrain or background/sky. There were 18 discs of this type for 1.0. The next type is called Toys and they are also hexagonal in shape. These ‘toys’ are mostly cars, helicopters, horses and weapons but there are a few specific ones likedi power discs Tantor (the elephant from Tarzan), the Flamingo Croquet Mallet from Alice in Wonderland, Hangin’ Ten Stitch with Surfboard (from Lilo and Stitch) and Carl Fredricksen’s Cane (from Up). All up, there are 19 of these discs. I should also mention that the hexagonal discs only work in the Toybox. The third type are called Abilities and these are round. These can be used in Playsets and the Toybox. They are things like Bolt’s Super Strength, Star Command Shield and Rapunzel’s Healing. There are 13 Ability discs. You can also place up to two discs on each base station place eg both terrain and sky from the same theme eg Wreck-It Raplh or mix and match eg the Jack Skellington sky with the Nemo reef for a different look. When  you combine the abilities, you can gain a bonus ‘power’ eg Pieces of Eight with Scrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime to get Overpowering Strength which grants bonus XP sparks when an enemy is defeated.


There are 29 characters available for Infinity 1.0. They are all in theDI characters Originals characterisation (Marvel characters were added with 2.0 and Star Wars in 3.0). The majority of these (20) go with specific playsets. The Toybox only characters are Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Rapunzel, Phineas, Agent P, Anna, Elsa and Jack Skellington. The rest are Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. Mr Incredible, Mrs Incredible, Violet, Dash and Syndrome from the Incredibles. Sulley, Mike and Randy from Monsters Inc. And Lightning McQueen, Francesco, Holley and Mater from Cars. There was also a Crystal series with partly clear (crystal) versions of 8 of the characters. The main advantage of these figures was that they earn in-game experience quicker and have bonus health.

Hall of Heroes

This is a special place within the Toybox that shows off your collection of Characters and Power Discs. There’s even a separate area for the Crystal Characters. As you level up your characters, they change colour in the Hall of Heroes, starting off as Bronze at level 1, Silver from level 5 and Gold once you pass level 10. If you manage to get all the characters and level them up to at least level 1 then there is a special ‘pack’ that is rewarded to you in here – a Lightsaber.Disney-Infinity-Crystal-Figures


The Toybox is the sandbox section of the game where you can use all the things you unlock, either in the Playsets or in the Toybox to build your own worlds. There are also specific Toyboxes for each character called Adventures and other pre-built Toyboxes that you can use. You can also download other people’s Toyboxes if they choose to share them. The main difference here to 2.0 and 3.0 is the Vault. As your characters level up you gain gold stars which are used as ‘spins’ in the vault. Some items have to be purchased through the vault spins before you can use them in the Toybox. The vault will display 16 items at a time and you can change which ones are there if you know you haveLIGHTSABERDI1_610 unlocked a certain item but can’t see it.

Levelling up and Vault Spin Tips

To level up your characters you need to collect blue sparks. As mentioned, each level grants a Gold Star. Within the Playsets you can earn Gold Stars through tasks as well and in the Hall of Heroes as your character moves from Bronze to Gold you get a Gold Star at each ‘colour’ change. Each character has 15 levels to gain, so with the Hall of Heroes, each character can give you 18 Gold Stars. This can take a while to achieve, even playing through the whole story in a Playset. I found an easier way, a quicker way, but it involves setting up something in a Toybox and then leaving it alone for at least an hour. You need to play for a bit and unlock the Fan and Stunt Buggy. Place at least two fans on the ground along with the buggy. Hope in and drive slowly up to the edge of the fans. If close enough, you can jump and the buggy will hover in the air or keep driving slowly forward and the same thing will happen. Go too fast and you will get lifted in the air but continue forward, going over the fans and landing on the other side. Once you are hovering, you use the right stick on the controller to do tricks. Press Up, then Left, then Down to do those tricks. Then with a rubber band, hold the right stick to the right so that the buggy continually flips. Leave it like this for an hour. When you come back, do the Up, Left and Down tricks once more. di_toybox_blog_1-02Then using the left stick try to move to the left or right. The buggy should start spinning slowly away from the hovering position. When it starts to move, let go of the stick so the buggy lands. If you ‘crash’ land, you won’t receive the experience from the stunts but if you land perfectly, you will receive so much experience that your character will level up to 15 or close to it. (This also works in 2.0 but the reward is still blue sparks which is used as money instead of experience). You can set up a second character with more fans, another buggy and controller to level up two characters at the same time. Once you have 16 Gold stars, go into the vault and keep ‘spinning’ until you have purchased all the items.


Each playset has it’s own story and you learn how to collect items, customise characters and buildings, fly and fight. The aim here is really to find all the red and green capsules, the character chests and the vault. All of this unlocks more stuff for the Toybox. There are also Challenges to take part in which help improve your skills but in most cases have nothing to do with the story. One difference here is ‘feats’, di playsetwhich are in 2.0 and 3.0. Instead of feats, they are called Gold Star challenges and reward you with Gold Stars to use in the Vault spins once completed.

Toys Story In Space – This is set on a planet and you have to carry out several missions to prepare for Zurg’s attack. The story is quite basic but still fun. You can use Buzz, Woody and Jessie.

The Lone Ranger – This is set in Colby city, just like in the movie and you have to protect it from the bad guy, Butch Cavendish and his gang. You also rebuild the train and have to deliver goods to different stations. I found this quite fun and completed it in under 5 hours. The characters are The Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Pirates of the Caribbean – This playset I found to be the longest one. Mainly because you have to travel by boat everywhere. Once you rescue Mr Gibbs and find it that is. It was still lots of fun but I found that one of the missions didn’t start or wasn’t finished properly so part of the boat was never made available to me. A Google search revealed that I wasn’t the only person that this happened too.

The Incredibles – This was lots of fun, running/driving/flying around the city doing superhero stuff. I think this one was about 5 hours long too.di play lone

Monsters University – The sequel movie to Monsters Inc. The story is basically along the lines of the movie. You learn how to scare and creep around and then your off to the rival campus to cause mischief. It was fun but I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of the others. The bike tricks were difficult to master for me but I eventually got the hang of it.

Cars – This one is a bit different. I don’t think it really is a storyline so much as just going from one race to the next. Each progression brings on more competitors who are supposed to be harder to beat. There are a few other events along the way, such as the tornado that rips through town leaving a mess for you to help clean up afterwards and the stunt park which was lots of fun learning the stunts. Again, some of these take a lot of practice. My daughter got the hang of the trickier ones before I did. This one is a bit more about doing the challenges to progress through to the final race. Still lots of fun though.

PC Version

I haven’t really played much of this but from what I understand the 1.0 version on the PC was mostly about the Toybox. Let me know if you’ve played it and what it’s like.


I watched my kids play this for years and while they enjoy the Toybox and the never ending ability to build and create, I like the Playsets more. It wasn’t until 2.0 and the Marvel Superheroes that I got interested and this has lead me to try to complete the set of characters for 1.0 and get the one Playset we missed – The Lone Ranger. Like 2.0, I’ve enjoyed this more than I thought I would.


Good graphics

Easy controls for fights

The stories are well laid out and make sense


Some items like bikes and cars are not so easy to master

It feels like there should be more Playsets for the other characters. I’ve never understood why they didn’t do a Frozen playset.di elsa

The Pirates playset appears to have a bug which lets you miss one of the missions.

Not sure if 5 hours (average) per playset is enough.


Even though there are more cons, I still think this deserves a 4 out of 5. I enjoyed it and my kids still go back and play it!


Disney Infinity 3.0 – New Characters! (Unofficial announcement)

I read a “leaked” piece of information regarding upcoming releases of characters earlier today and decided that I would share it with you. Some of the info was already known… disney-infinity-3.0-black-suit-spidermanbut not all of it.

Upcoming Characters…

Black Suit Spider-Man (He’s already listed on the 3.0 character roster so this wasn’t new info)

Ant Man (Listed as a Marvel Battlegrounds character, with a wi-fi type symbol on the packaging)

Black Panther (Listed as a Marvel Battlegrounds character, with a wi-fi type symbol on the packaging)

Vision (Listed as a Marvel Battlegrounds character, with a wi-fi type symbol on the packaging)

Baloo (Originals character from the Jungle Book, with a wi-fi type symbol on the packaging)disney-infinity-3.0-antman

Judy Hopps (Originals character from Zootopia, already listed on the 3.0 character roster so this wasn’t new info)

Nick Wilde (Originals character from Zootopia, already listed on the 3.0 character roster so this wasn’t new info)

Marvel Battlegrounds

There is a new playset coming coming which, while it is within the Marvel Superhero sphere of Disney Infinity, has been rumoured to be a bit different to previous playsets. A new set of power discs has been announced and that also has the wi-fi type symbol on the packaging but it also has the words, “internet required for content update.” There will be a playset pack available too but it has not got a picture of the packaging as yet so we don’t know who the second character in it will be. Captain America disney-infinity-3.0-black-pantherwas announced a few months back (unmasked) and it is assumed that he will be one of the characters in this pack. From the characters named for release, it sounds to me like this will be based around the upcoming Captain America movie so I would expect the second character to be from the movie too. It has been suggested that it would be Scarlet Witch but I think that it might be another existing character in a new outfit – Falcon or even another Iron Man. I would prefer a new character though and not another “new suit” version of an existing character. My main reason for this is, and this is one of the new differences for this playset, is that they have said that all the previous Marvel characters will be playable in this playset! So why create a new character that is really an old character in a new suit? Just add a totally new character and use the old character as they already are. If you want to change a suit, use a power disc as you already have done, several times. Also, we’ve already seen the ability to use other characters in the Star Wars disney-infinity-3.0-marvel-battlegrounds-power-disc-packplaysets through the character coins, and previous Marvel playsets with the crossover coins. So this isn’t a really new idea, but one that just makes total sense when you look at the fact that these characters are all found in the same universe, be it in the comics, cartoons or movies.

The other main difference I have heard, is that it will be four player capable as ‘local’. How can they do this? I’m guessing you need two bases plugged in. I’m looking forward to this and I hope they can somehow do an update to allow this to work with previous playsets too. The backwards compatibility of the playset to previous version characters is also a great idea. It might mean that a Frozen playset may still be added later, or new playsets for other characters like Phineas, Tron, Aladdin, Mulan, Hiro & Baymax, Merida etc. Or even, as a sequel movie is released, a new playset based on the new movie ie the Incredibles 2 is in production and isn’t there another Pirates movie coming?

A move like this would just give the game what it’s name implies, infinite possibilities.

My source, if your interested, was here at

What do you think? Who would you like to see added as a character? Let me know in the comments section below.

2016 is here!

I can’t say that I’ve had a great start to the year as I’ve been fighting a cold for about 8 days now. While I’m feeling a bit better I thought I’d throw a quick post out so that you know I’m still here.

So, it’s 2016 and there’s lots of posts about what’s been good in 2015 and what’s coming up this year. I kind of already did that… so, um, what else can I talk about quickly?

I’ve managed to go back and play a fair bit of Disney Infinity 1.0 while I was sick. I hadn’t really done this before as I purchased the game for my kids a few years back. Now that I’ve gotten into 2.0 and 3.0 I thought it might be worth going back and comparing the first version with the newer ones. Well, I managed to complete the worlds that my kids started (Incredibles, Pirates and Toy Story) and started the others from scratch (Cars and Monsters University). I’m planning on a full review of the whole lot after I receive The Lone Ranger playset later this month, so stay tuned for that!

I’ve been considering purchasing the Uncharted series in preparation for the release of number 4. But I have so many games to play already that I’m not sure I have the time for a new one. What do you think? Would you like me to check them out and review them here? Let me know.

Assassins Creed Chronicles has another release real soon. I haven’t played the others yet and plan to do a review on the games within the series that I have played so far very soon too. Not to mention a few other favourites of mine like the Batman Arkham series, Diablo series and Star Wars games and Lord of the Rings and…. stop! Deap breath. Calm down. Breath in… hold it… breath out… 2, 3, 4. Before I get to excited about all the reviews of the games I plan to play in the coming months, I will stop and say Happy New Year. I’ll be back later this week with a review on…. something. 😉


PS4 – Upcoming Releases and Game of the Year Voting

Game of the Yearboba fett infinity

Here we are, only days away from Christmas and then it’s the new year! Which means that it is time for the Game of the Year awards from Sony (click here if you want to vote). They have several categories and lots of games listed. Head over if you want to have a look and vote. I don’t want to influence anyone, but Batman Arkham Knight and Star Wars Battlefields are high on my lists. I’m sure that if I’d had time to play a few others they might have gotten up there too. Something I intend to remedy for this time next year, play more games so I can do more reviews! 😀

Upcoming Releases

Right now, I can honestly say the only thing I am waiting for and excited about is the Boba Fett character for Disney Infinity 3.0 – due 6/1/16 at the stores I’ve checked out here in Australia. A few others I am looking forward to that are due in Jan… Assassins Creed Chronicles: India – Jan 12th and Lego Marvel Avengers – Jan 29th. There will be several add-ons for Star Wars Battlefront and Batman Arkham Knight might have a few more too. Plus a few more upcoming character releases for Disney Infinity 3.0 and even a new playset (which they just keep calling a Marvel playset) which might be based off of the next movie in their cinematic universe, Captain America – Civil War. Just have to wait and see on that one.

There are, of course, a lot more upcoming games than I’ve listed here. If there’s something you’re realing looking forward too, why not comment below and tell me about it.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Review – The Guardians of the Galaxy Playset, The Spider-Man Playset and The Toybox

With the upcoming release of Star Wars the Force Awakens and Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens playset and characters later this week, I thought I better finish off the 2.0 reviews. My previous post about the Avengers Playset tells you a bit about Disney Infinity 2.0 itself so I will refer you to that here if you want more on what it is. Today, I’m going to tell you about the other playsets – Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man and the Toybox itself.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Playset

The initial package comes with two characters, Star Lord and Gamora and the playset piece. Additional characters are available, Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Ronan and Yondu.2015-11-02 11.49.41 As You can see in the image, I don’t have the last two so I can’t comment on them. Unlike the other playsets, this isn’t based on the cartoon because the playset came first. However, these characters have all appeared in the other Marvel cartoons, Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man so in a way it is based on those appearances. The story-line is similar in a way to the movie. You are on Knowhere, a space station, and defending it from an invading force lead by Ronan. This is probably more a mash up of the comic book stories along with the movie and the cartoons. The story has you moving around the space station, where Cosmo the Spacedog and The Collector send you and eventually going to Ronan’s ship, The Dark Aster, and facing him. The game play is the same as the Avengers playset and the controls are pretty easy to master. Again, there are feats, challenges and trophies to master and collectables to find, including Bonus Boxes and Crossover Tokens which allow you to use additional characters from the other playsets – Nova and Iron Man. Like the Avengers Playset there a couple of the feats require you to do them in the game as they can’t be done after you’ve finished the storyline. I did the majority of the game on my own but there are a couple of parts that require two players (challenges and feats) and either way, it’s a fun game to play.The Bonus Boxes are found by the same method I mentioned in the previous review – they represent certain powers and the characters with those powers are the only ones who can collect them.

The Spider-Man Playset

The package for the playset includes Spider-Man and Nova. The additional characters are Nick Fury, Iron Fist, Venom and the Green Goblin. The playset is based on the cartoon,2015-11-02 11.53.15 Ultimate Spider-Man and includes all the main characters with White Tiger and Power Man being in game and giving out the missions. It’s based in New York but is set out different to the Avengers Playset. The story line has Green Goblin as the main bad guy, who is using the symbiotes as the bad guys for you to fight. Doctor Octopus and Mysterio also help Green Goblin and you have to face them too. Eventually you get to confront the Green Goblin himself. The game is the same as the previously mentioned playsets and the controls are the same too. You even have the same things to master and collect – feats, challenges, trophies, bonus boxes and crossover coins – Hulk and Iron Man. There are two player challenges again and you can play the whole thing alone or with two players. It’s all the same as the other playsets so I don’t see much use in going into too much detail.

The Toybox

This is where things get different. While you still have feats and trophies to accomplish, there are no collectables as such like in the playsets. The difference here is that you can2015-11-02 11.54.13 use all the characters (including 1.0 characters) and build anything you want. Your imagination is the only limitation. Having said that, there are lots of things to ‘buy’ using the sparks that you collected in the playsets. I haven’t mentioned this previously because it didn’t affect the game play in the playsets but as you accomplished feats, missions or winning fights you are rewarded with blue sparks. There are also capsules with sparks too. The blue sparks act as money when you are in the Toybox or similar areas (the Interior and Introduction). There are lots of things to purchase which relate to the playsets (which you unlock by doing things in the playsets – usually the feats) or other Disney franchises like the Lion King or Cinderella and then you use them to build or decorate whatever you like. The main thing I did here was to build the things that helped accomplish the feats or to help level up the characters. I made an area that spawned the bad guys and killed them instantly giving you a whole bunch of sparks. There are gold sparks for levelling up the characters, including 1.0 ones, purple sparks for special abilities/powers and green sparks for healing life. These are found throughout the playsets as well. Power discs can be used here too and the hexagonal ones can only be used here. The round discs give powers (weapons), other suits, and back-up characters (AI controlled) while the hexagonal discs are vehicles, backgrounds (skies) and terrain. For example, Wreck It Ralph Hex discs can change the terrain to Candy Land and give a Candy Land sky. 2015-11-02 11.54.31

The Interior

This is an addition that wasn’t in 1.0. This area allows you to build and decorate rooms. There are many of the franchises represented here and you can mix them or do a room in a single design. I created a room for every franchise available and decorated them with the corresponding items. You have feats here too and these unlock more items as you progress. Some of the feats even require you to go to the Toybox to complete them.

Toybox Games

Another addition to 2.0 is the games. With the Superhero starter pack you get two game discs and with the Originals starter pack you get two more. There are two types of games, a2015-11-02 11.54.46 platform or dungeon crawler style and a tower defence style. The Superhero has Escape from the Kiln (platform) and Assault on Asgard (tower defence) and the Originals are Stitch’s Tropical Rescue (tower defence) and Brave Forest Siege (platform). The tower defence style gives you turrets and other weapons to defend your ‘base’ from waves of enemies. The platform style has you running from a start point to an end point fighting bad guys along the way. The Superhero ones can only be done with the Superhero characters and the Originals can only use the original characters. However, after completing the first wave, you unlock a Survival Mode where you can use any character to help progress through the 50 levels of increasing difficulty. They also introduced AI characters that can help you through the platform areas which you can give additional weapons or armour too. Once unlocked here, these assistants can also enter the Toybox. Another thing that you unlock here is the game pieces that you can use to build your own games. You can even ‘publish’ them and share the games you build over the internet for others to enjoy.


I played this on the PS4. I know it’s available on PC too and while I have tried it I haven’t spent much time on it as it didn’t run well on my laptop. I haven’t tried the X-Box versions (or the PS3) but I have been told they’re almost identical to the PS4.


This is a very involved game in total and you can spend lots and lots of time on it. Especially if you want to level up all the characters to level 20 (which is supposed to unlock something special). I enjoyed all the different areas of this game and have earned almost all of the Trophies and completed a lot of the feats. Pros and cons are much the same as mentioned in the Avengers review with one more con. I found that there is a limitation in the graphics memory when building and it’s possible that you need to remove some things before you can add more.


Guardians of the Galaxy – Loved it! 4 out of 5

Spider-Man – loved it too! 4 out of 5

Toybox (including Interior and Introduction) – lots of fun but more for the kids than me. My kids have spent lots and lots of time in here. 3 out of 5 due to the memory limitations.

Toybox Games – enjoyed them but haven’t gone back to finish them yet. I downloaded some that other people made and enjoyed these too. I really liked the challenge of the survival mode. 4 out of 5.

As a whole, this game has many elements that will keep you or the kids very busy – 4 out of 5.



Star Wars Battlefront Review

It’s been over a week that the newest version of Battlefront has been available and I have been playing it as I can during that time. With the release yesterday of the Star Wars The Force Awakens tie in maps, the Battle of Jakku, I thought it was time that I stopped playing long enough to tell you what I think of it so far.

So here is my Star Wars Battlefront Review… WOW!

Ummm…. I guess you want a bit more than that huh? Ok, Let me break it down then.

The Game

When you first start the game you are taken into a tutorial which is set on Hoth. A Probe droid has landed nearby and you go after it. It’s a bunch of quick lessons on how to move, target and shoot. The first thing I noticed was the clarity and brilliance of the scene. After completing the tutorial, I moved into the solo play area so I could get a feel for the game before I plunged into the multi-player area. I’m actually not that great at these sort of games so I need the practice. (I don’t like many 3rd person shooters and it seems I play the Star Wars branded ones more than any others) .

The Training Missions

So of course, I choose the training missions to try first – with Beggar’s Canyon as my starting point.

I chose the right sort of mission for me to start with as I love this sort of game mode better than the being the soldier. I really like the flight sim type of game where all you have to
do is fly and fight so I’m right in my element here. When it loaded up I was blown away by the graphics quality once again! The controls were intuitive and smooth and the game play itself is fantastic! After several attempts at this ‘map’, I managed to achieve the three star rating and trophy and moved onto the next one – Endor Chase. This one is tougher.

Riding the speeder bikes is hard at high speed and I hit the trees a number of times but eventually I managed to get the three stars and trophy. Overpower is the next training ‘map’ and has you driving an AT-ST, this one was a bit easier and the last one was The Dark Side where you get to be a ‘hero’ character – wither Darth Vader or the Emperor. I chose Darth Vader. Both of these maps were difficult in places but overall relatively easy.


I had a quick attempt at the multi-player section next. I managed to get a few kills in Blast where you keep changing from location to location after your team or the opposition hits 100 kills or the time runs out. The maps used here are the same as the in the solo section Battles. I got to level 3 after about 5 ‘maps’ but with not as many kills as I would have liked but I enjoyed the experience all the same.


I went back to the solo area and tried the Battles section to get to know the maps and try to achieve the ‘stars’ which rewards you with credits that you can use in the multi-player section to purchase better weapons etc. I found that playing as the Empire is a little easier as they have armour and can take more hits before ‘death’ and re-spawning occurs.


Multi-Player – Party Mode (with a real friend)

Over the weekend, I contacted a friend, David, and asked him if he’d like to join me in a game. We have played the previous incarnations of Battlefront together on our laptops via network links. This has been difficult at times and some days it took an hour to make sure we had a link and the same version to be able to play. I must say that the PS4 system is very easy. I invited him to ‘Party’ with me, he accepted and we were off. 5 to 10 minutes at the most it took to get connected and under way. So much easier. We dived into the multi-player area and chose Walker Challenge. Again, you play in teams and once a team achieves the target – in these maps it is different depending on which faction you are – Rebels need to defend and take out the walkers while the Empire need to destroy the rebels escape ship. We played this for a few hours and changed to the Droid Capture ‘maps’ for a try at that too. In that one, it is what it says it is. You need to capture and hold three droids under your influence before the time runs out or the other team captures them. This was fun too and set in another set of maps.

The Battle of Jakku

Last night, I went in to play the Battle of Jakku maps and new multi-player section only to find that I couldn’t. Even though yesterday was the release date for it, it wasn’t available to me. The servers needed to be updated to be ready for the new content, then I got a notification that an update was being downloaded to the game, which I assumed was to add the new content. After I had installed it, it still needed to download the actual Battle of Jakku game data! Which still wasn’t available to me at midnight! This was a little disappointing, especially as I wanted to add info about that to this review. I spent the night playing the solo stuff (as the serves were not available until their update was finished and my update was installed). I managed to complete all the Battle maps and find all the collectables. Then I started on the survival ‘maps’ and they are a lot tougher and take a lot longer to complete. I got through two maps, Tatooine and Sollust and found all the collectables in them too. Tatooine took me two attempts, and both ‘maps’ took at least half an hour to complete. I really enjoyed the survival maps because of three reasons. The first is that this gave a sense of storyline to the ‘map’. You are stranded and must survive until help arrives and you have Admiral Ackbar in your ear advising on what your facing. Secondly is one of the troops you face, the Shadow Trooper. This character reminded me greatly of the Dark Trooper from the first version of this type of Star Wars game – Dark Forces. Hearing the Admiral say that this trooper was coming game me a thrill of excitement and fear! The third aspect was simply that it was a longer ‘map’ and therefore more immersive experience.

Before starting to write this I checked on the new content. It is available and downloading now. Hopefully I can play it later today and let you all know about it later.


Star Wars Battlefront is a well crafted game and I am enjoying playing it a lot… however, I like story driven games more and would have preferred to have some sort of story to follow and not just maps that you play alone or in multi-player.


Graphics are exceptional, with filmed cut scenes to try to add to the experience is a nice touch.

Game play is pretty good, the controls are not too tough for beginners and not too simple for experienced players.


No storyline.

If you wait too long before going into the multi-player mode then the experienced players will have all the great guns and stronger characters and you will die quickly over and over. But this is not a fault of this game, it happens in all online multi-player games.

The DLC was not available on time as promised – not for me anyway. I’m sure it’s a different story for USA players but here in AUS the promised 1st Dec play was not delivered. There are four add-ons mentioned in the Season Pass area which I am looking forward too, I just pray that they are delivered on time.


I love this game so much already that I can forgive the DLC being a day late and as I mentioned the multi-player thing happens in every multi-player game I’ve tried, but the lack of a storyline (I never saw the press release that there wasn’t going to be one but apparently there was) does disappoint me. I give it 4 out of 5.


What do you think of it? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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New Disney Infinity 3 Characters

To coincide with the release of the new movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Disney are releasing new Disney Infinity 3 Characters and a play set to use them in.Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens Playset

The release date is December 18 if you didn’t already know, 19th in Australia for the characters and the play set. The play set includes two characters, Rey and Finn and two additional characters are available too, Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren, all from the new movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Disney Infinity The Force Awakens will allow you to use the other Disney Infinity Star Wars characters, once you have unlocked them, in the play set too.

Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens CharacterDisney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens CharacterWell, that’s about all we know officially about the upcoming release. If it is anything like the Twilight of the Republic play set (the only one I’ve played so far) then it will be great! Twilight of the Republic seems to be quite well thought out, has lots of things to collect and, unlike the 2.0 play sets, only requires you to find one token to unlock the other characters. (I will be doing a full review of Twilight of the Republic once I’ve completed it).

Am I excited about this upcoming release? Yes!

For more information, go to the official site…

Are you excited too? Let me know by leaving me a comment below!


Star Wars Battlefront 3 Release – November 19th

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a Star Wars fan.Star Wars Battlefront 3 I love the movies, have quite a few books and comics, a few plush toys and even still have my action figures from when I was a kid. And no surprise, I have lots of computer games! One of my favorites was the Battlefront series of games, so I was overjoyed when I heard they were redoing Battlefront for the PlayStation 4. The more I’ve learnt about this game the more excited I am getting, especially when I heard that the new movie is coming out about a month later! New content and characters from the new movies! If you pre-order the game, you will get access to the new planet Jakku before everyone else.

I could go on and on about what they are saying about the game but, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. If what they are saying is correct, this will be one awesome game, and early reports from Beta players indicate it to be true. I can’t wait!

If you want to learn more, head to the official site and check out what they are saying or even sign up to their newsletter.

Less than a month to go! 😀

Let me know if you are excited for this game too, or any other info you have about it, in the comments below.



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